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Hi there

I'm moving to Australia to study for a year or two. To the east coast to be precise. Either Brisbane, Gold Coast, or Byron Bay to be even more precise.
One of the main criteria (you might or might not understand ;) ) is the proximity to a drop zone.
I'm looking for fun drop zones with a reasonable amount of fun jumpers, not just tandems. Freeflyers and wingsuiters would be cool too!

I've heard that Skydive Byron Bay is more of a tandem factory but I don't know much about any other DZ in the area.
I'm not necessarily looking for a DZ like Eloy where you can easily do 15 jumps a day, but I don't want to wait for a solo/group slot for 3 hours as well...

Any recommendations?


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pick your location based on other criteria.
All 3 of those places are only a few hours away from each other.
So you can visit any of the DZs from Byron to the sunshine coast.
You are not now, nor will you ever be, good enough to not die in this sport (Sparky)
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How's yours doing?

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If you're going to be in that area, check out Ramblers Parachute Centre. It's about 90 minutes inland from Brisbane. Pretty much a sport jumper's paradise. They don't do many tandems there, as I think most people prefer to jump at places like Byron over the beach.

Byron is a cool place to jump, though as you mentioned, it's a tandem factory. It's hard to get on a load sometimes, but they do allow sport jumpers there.

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