Grumpy, Gimpy "Old Farts" Boogie on May 24-25th, 2014 at Skydive Taft!

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--Please join us on Sat & Sunday, May 24-25th for the 6th Annual Grumpy, Gimpy Old Farts' Boogie at Skydive Taft!

There will be a Caravan and 206, fun LOs, sweet giveaways/prizes, including a Liquid Sky suit, Infinity Rig discount, Vigil discount & more, an epic reunion party on Saturday night with DJ Riccochet, beer, my famous jello shots and the best vibes around!

Confirmed Load Organizers:

• David Gershfeld (Freefly)
• Gile Bryan (Freefly)
• Rosa Alva (RW)

Registration fee is $25 and includes a boogie t-shirt, raffle ticket and access to the LOs, beer and Saturday's party! Come join the family at the Old Farts' Reunion!

Facebook event page:

*Please have gear & USPA license updated. Thank you!

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I somehow just do not picture you of all people as grumpy or gimpy.... and Old fart... does not apply either...

Now I on the other hand, AM old and gimpy..... and usually pretty damn grumpy too...:|

Hahaha! Well, I was asked by Skydive Taft's DZOs to Load Organize, not to fit the boogie name description. You should see Bryan Gile, one of the Freefly LOs! He is in great shape and most definitely NOT old at 30 years and neither is David Gershfeld. We're simply there to LO the "grumpy, gimpy old farts!"

That said, I'm excited to meet and share the skies with everyone who shows up, old and young alike. We're going to have an amazing reunion! Please join us, if you can, Amazon!

P.S. You're NOT old! :)

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Hey, this sounds like my kind of boogie.....but alass, I've got to work right up til the 30th. Then I'm retiring....never to work again. If you see an old guy sitting on a porch whittling on a piece of wood it might be me.

I know you've made more than one jump in 47 years, Amazon....

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