Skydive California City Gathering

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Attention all Skydive California City refugees

We are officially announcing the details for the Skydive California City gathering.

It will be on Saturday, March 22nd and if of course camping and staying until Sunday is always welcomed.

After much consideration and meetings it was determined It would be held at Skydive Taft! We have spoken with the new owners and have been reassured and welcomed with open arms that we have made the right decision.

I am super excited to see your smiling faces. And I am ready to enjoy a fun and memory filled weekend.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions and of course spread the word. I will be sending out messages as time goes on with more details.

Also any rsvp would be grateful for a head count.

See you soon. Xo
<3 Antoinette Marie <3

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It could be fun to make it down to Taft. Just don't know if I would remember anyone from when I jumped there in the 90's.

Bob and Judy owned/operated; Jeff and Tammy Lund were there; I got to watch some of the NASA test drops.

It was always fun. From waking up under the wheel of the Otter for the Sunrise Load:D to having Billy R "fruitloop" me out of my first 6-way:P

I went back to your old Cal City post and watched through some of the videos. Thanks for all the work on them, but a lot of pics were the "new" croud I didn't get to meet.

Oh - almost forgot. The whole plane giving me shit when Dale Stuart had her leggs "wraped around my head":o - There was no room for her to stretch on the way up, so next thing I knew there was a leg over my shoulder... ;)

That, and going out to the diner in the evenings for a burger with a fried egg on top... Can't eat that now:S

Once the plane takes off, you're gonna have to land - Might as well jump out!!

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