Lillo, Seville or Dubai?

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I am going jumping this summer :)
Lillo - looks nice, no mountains or sea next to it (so hopefully nice weather and not too windy) has 2 planes (porter and caravan?) and a town nearby so plenty of accommodation.

Seville - looks like it only has 1 plane and no town nearby to stay in without hiring a car to drive somewhere?

Dubai - looks very cheap but I am confused as there seems to be a desert campus and one jumping over the palm?

Thanks for and advice people have :)

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Dubai has 2 drop zones
palm is 500 jumps minimum, desert is big and open, still nice though. not sure about accommodation but its not near anything.

Seville has a Dornier g92 to 15k full time, but if its busy they can have 2 there, or 4 if they really want. (they share with Hibblestow in the UK) its got lots of accommodation close, but yes you might want to hire a car.

no idea about Lillo

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