The 11th Annual St.Patricks Day Celebration Boogie:Fitz 2014

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I would have liked to got in on the record jumps (I know hard to believe I am over 40) but I had important hoops to jump through

hope to see you at the Hills somethime
You can't be drunk all day if you don't start early!

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So much fun, what a great fun group of people to jump with.....



I finally had a chance to review everything. I would like to formally confirm that you have set the Georgia State Record for Formation Skydiving, Large Formation, Sequential with a successful 20way, 3 point skydive. Congratulations to one and all! And y’all did it with adonuts and Big O’s!

Randy Connell
Int’l Judge (FS)

And we set the POPS state and national sequential record.:P

Three at one time....maybe THATS a record. ;)

Great thing is I suspect that the National 20 way POP's record won't last long.....
Kevin Keenan is my hero, a double FUP, he does so much with so little

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PSA to all of our boogie friends and the current and former followers of the RoamingDZ.

This years boogie shirt is a little special and is something I had planned on doing for the 10th anniversary but just couldn't get it together. This year with help from Ron Verlander Jr. and Kim Teems we put together what is essentially a History of the RoamingDZ Tshirt. If you look closely it covers all of the locations we have held events, all the way back to the backyard Cessna Boogies we use to have at the house.

We have shirts left so if you would like one here's what you do. Send me an email to [email protected] with Boogie Tshirt in the subject line and all of your info. Size,shipping address and how you would like to pay. $23 covers the shirt and shipping. I can do PayPal,check or card over the phone.

I also have some shirts left from previous years. I'll edit this post and list them later. I'll let last years go for $10, older than that $5.

You are welcome to post here that you want one but please send the email so I can keep up with them easier.

Please share this with those you think might be interested. No telling who has blocked my news feed.

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What a great time I had down in Fitzgerald.
Shout out to Chris and Julie for making this possible and to my travel mates for being patient during our 18 hrs drive down south, which became a 25 hrs drive on the way back due to some winter storm around Maryland.
But it was totally worth the drive just to be there on first load of the boogie, exhale on the plane and say "totally worth 18 hours drive" and be over done by the Canadian Folks who yelled back "it was 30 hours for us!".

Also, getting my muff-numbers from Rick and Mike was pretty much priceless.

Until next year, everybody be safe and have fun, I hope I'll see some of you around the country this season!


I'm standing on the edge
With a vision in my head
My body screams release me
My dreams they must be fed... You're in flight.

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