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I just recently moved to San Francisco, and I've checked out several DZs on the weekends, but I'm often free to jump on weekdays. Some questions for the locals:

- What are the best DZs for weekday jumping?
- Which ones are even open on weekdays? Fridays?
- How frequently are loads going?
- Any chance of finding people to jump with? (fun jumpers or coaches)
- Anyone want to jump with me? (~150 jumps, would like to work on tracking skills or belly)
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Byron's not open during the week, occasionally on Fridays.
Skydance is closed Monday/Tuesday, though usually open if Monday is a holiday.
Lodi's 7 days a week.

Don't know about the other two, and can't really comment on the weekday scenes since I'm typically weekends only.

I will take a moment to pimp out the NCSL - we're having 4-way skills camps and other events regularly, rotating around the DZs ... check us out on Facebook. https://www.facebook.com/NorthernCaliforniaSkydivingLeague
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Lodi is reliably busy as long as the weather is good. If you can land pack and gear up in Half an hour you'll get four pretty easily. But not Wingsuits or Tracking dives (even plain cloth/jumpsuit) allowed.

Davis has been hit and miss weekdays for me, two thursdays with good weather saw only a couple 172 loads, others I was doing #7 at sunset from 18k.

Sac, bring your own crew (i think they'll send the KA up for 6 paid) or call ahead and check on tandem schedule.

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May I hijack this thread? :)

I got superlucky and now Im going to San Francisco tomorrow and will stay there for 10 days!
Id like to jump almost every day, so Im asking the same question as above.

Id be also really thankful for any other tips on accommodation/rental car/places to eat and so on. And if I should bother to bring my BASE rig... :)

Thanks a lot,

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