Skydive Atlanta's Halloween Boogie & Imaginarium November 1-3

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Skydive Atlanta presents you the most stupendous, the most outrageous, the most entertaining wonder of the modern skydiving world.
Super Otter, Super King Air, Stearman Bi-Plane, (Helicopter TBA)
Belly Organizing with Fortson Rumble & Scott Franklin
Freefly organizing with Todd Sellers
Wingsuit organizing TBA
Aerodyne and other vendors TBA.
Halloween Imaginarium party Saturday night
What is that you ask?
A costume party with magic by Howie the Great, acrobats, stilt walkers, performance artists, fire breathers, psychic, trance DJ, light show, booze, beer, and more! We guarantee you have never been to a boogie party like this. Steampunk and fantasy costumes encouraged. Best costume gets free jumps all day Sunday. (1 rig limit)
Registration $40
$25 Cash, $26 Credit Card
Stearman Bi-Plane $100 - includes video
Helicopter - TBA

Camping areas and RV parking available. Electric hookups to be determined and will require reservation and deposit.


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Ok folks updates. We have added organizers:
Joey Hoffineau from Carolina Turbo XP, USPA Nationals4-way 4th place finishers will be organizing formation skydives
"Purple Mike" Swearingen will be wingsuit organizing. We will have a first flight course Friday and have rental suits available.


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Hey Gang,
Just a note that I will be organizing at the Skydive Atlanta Halloween boogie. The dates are Nov 1-3 (Friday-Sun). We will have a Super Otter to jump. (They’ll have the King Air also) Trey the DZO is really pulling out all the stops for this event.
• Registration $40. That’s for dinner Saturday night, beer, entertainment Saturday night. Organizing and videos.
• Helicopter jumps - $75.00
• Bi- plane with video - $100
• Costume Party – winner gets free jumps all Sunday
• Magic show, fire breathers……
I hope to put a good strong group of 20 together for Saturday. Jaclyn Donovan will be handling video, and Jack Donovan will be helping herding the cats.
So if you’re planning on coming drop me an email [email protected] and I’ll add you to the list. (We will round up at 8:30 Saturday morning)
Hope to see you!
Be safe.
CCH Fortson Rumble
Kevin Keenan is my hero, a double FUP, he does so much with so little

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