Boston and Washington - looking for freefly DZ in August!

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Skydive Pepperell would be the closest, I haven't jumped there yet so I can't speak to what it's like. It's also real close to Skyventure if you wanted to hop in the tunnel. Plenty of lodging & food in the area.

Jumptown in Orange would be the next closest, nice open landing area and fun folks to jump with. I'm not sure what DZ accommodations are like, but there are a couple hotels right down the road and a few scattered down Rt. 2. Food on site & plenty of restaurants in the area.

Skydive New England is also a really good option (the most awesome option but I'm slightly biased ;)). Lots of loads all day and plenty of freefly folks around. There is a bunkhouse & quite a few hotels in the Rochester area. Food on site & plenty of restaurants in the area.

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