Connecticut Parachutists..??

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On facebook they are now saying it may be 6:00pm by the time the otter shows up, maybe as early 4:30 but they were warning people not to count on it.
"The restraining order says you're only allowed to touch me in freefall"

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I've jumped there in the past.

Wonderfull place!
Wonderfull, helpfull people, lot's of outs, great vibe, and I wish I was clooseer!

Helocoptors can be a little unnearving but the locals seem to adapt to them,...

Knowing the intrepidation of visiting a new place for the first time can be a little daunting,...

This is a skydivers place first and foremost,...

I guaranteee you will be glad you came here....;):)C

But what do I know, "I only have one tandem jump."

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