winter sun aff from the uk

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Hey all,
I think I might be about to come into some money, where is they best place to do AFF in the winter months? I'm in the uk so I've looked at heading over to seville, but I'm wondering if it might not be too cold at between 10-15C in the daytime.

Any tips? (yes I tried using the search : )

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I took my AFF instructor course at Seville. I give the whole place a thumbs up. Also, doing freefall from 15000 ft gives you an extra edge in your training, although it does suck more for your instructors. Tip them well, and buy beer, and you;ll do fine.

Another thought is to hook up with your locall DZ in the UK and see if they are planning any winter AFF camps. You;ll want a local DZ, you know, in case the weather ever clears up.

This is a mostly US message board. You can try to UK skydiver board. Or come to the US. Follow the sun to Arizona, Florida or California.

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