skydive baltimore anyone?

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howdy guys - it's been ages - i know - anyway, i have driven on aldino road in aberdeen, md countless times, as i have family that way and every time i passed the airport i always said that would be a cool spot for a mini dz - anyway last night i was driving home from a family gathering and for the first time in SIX YEARS i saw a sign hangin that said skydiving - i was so excited i almost drove off the road:S:ph34r: - how in the WORLD did i NOT know there was a dz this close to home???

so my point here is to find out if anyone has any info, thoughts on the place - i trust your judgement to say if the people there are quality or not?

this may be my ticket to FINALLY getting back in and completing my A - there was no information on staff, so i couldn't really research much

anyone have any tips?
"life does throw curveballs sometimes but it doesn't mean we shouldn't still swing for the homerun" ~ me

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