Helo jumps

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I would think that a B license would be plenty to get on a load. I've static lined out of them in the army, but I'm looking forward to sport jumping out of one myself. They had a little one at Billings, Mt. that I could have jumped but it was only going to barely 2,500 ft., was quite expensive, and I had a bungie collapsible pilot chute at the time, so I didn't go. I've heard that DZ's that are close to military bases jump them all the time, but maybe the rules have changed on this. I guess I don't know much either on this subject. Steve1

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A B-license (to my best recollection) was required when I jumped from a balloon in Lake Wales last easter and I think the same should apply to helicopter jumps. I think a dropzone (or even the pilot himself) can set their own requirements for jumps such as these... they might vary a bit by winds, type of aircraft, landing area size and surroundings etc....

I recommend that you simply contact the dropzone you're planning to jump at (or the pilot or someone involved) and ask what their requirements are.

Otherwise, have fun and remember to "fall from" the helicopter, don't "jump from" it... :)
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