Grand Opening, So Cal's newest DZ!

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Tsunami Skydivers-JULY 14th, 9am
Oceanside Municipal Airport
Oceanside, California
PAC 750XL to 13,000ft!
Incredible views!
Fun skydives!
Landings at the airport.
The harbor and beach is a 5 minute drive away to great restaurants and hotels.

Note:You must have a C or D license or foreign equivalent.
No wing suits.

These are stipulations in our lease agreement.

I am working with the city to host beach jumps in the near future. Start working on your PRO ratings nowB|

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This was a pretty heated battle to access the airport. There was a serious concern about wingsuits due to the high volume of VFR traffic in the area. The largest Marine base in the US is 2 miles to the north, a heavily traveled VFR route along the beach is 2 miles to the west, a major airport is 6 miles to the south...we are skydiving in the center of a city. Also, I have to fill in an "incident report" any time a skydiver lands out of our 15 acre landing area. The city can terminate my permit if we have too many "incidents".
After many meetings we conceeded to no wing suits and C and D experienced skydivers only.
Once we ease into this and show the city we can operate safely we can start renegotiating the operating permit.

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Sweet. Looking to be at JT's memorial at 'Snore but will be there the following week.

Can't wait.

Are the hours of operation pretty set? Thursday thru Sunday? Grimmie, any hop-n-pops that allow jumpers to open below your 5000 limit?
"Fail, fail again. Fail better."
-Samuel Beckett

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