Newbie Questions 'cheap' A Licence in Europe

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Hi guys
I did a tandem jump many, many years ago, loved it and promised myself that I would do it again one day. A year or so ago I looked into AFF and decided to save for a course. Unfortunately life happens and I've not been able to do that.
Now I'm not looking for the 'cheapest' possible way to get an A licence, but the most affordable way to be able to jump on a semi-regular basis.

So I'm looking for some advice and clarifications. I'm from England, but I'm living in Portugal for another month after which I'm not sure where I'll be living.

So first question, If I get an A licence can I go to any dz in Europe and Jump?
I know it is best to stick to one dz, but as I may be moving around this may not be possible. Also I've heard that some dz require beginners to take additional training and assessment. Once I get my A licence would this still be the case?

AFF or Raps? How many jumps?
Originally I thought AFF was faster, but apparently both require a minimum of 19 jumps to get an A licence.

The cost seems to be

For AFF course 1500
consolidation jumps 25 x 10
minimum cost = 1750

For Raps 1st jump 200
Static line jumps 40 x 17
minimum cost 880

*Obviously these are just rough prices
I haven't included retakes which would be more expensive for AFF(100+). With static line its more realistic that it would take about 35 jumps (min cost 1560).
Does this seem right? so would Raps be a better option?

Europe or UK?
Look at AFF prices courses seem to be about 200-300€ cheaper (€1500 vs £1500 on average). and as I may be living abroad would it maybe be better to jump in europe? or will this just increase the likelihood of having to pay for additional training when I'm back in the UK?

I don't mind waiting if I have to, but I'd rather get started sooner rather spend another year waiting for the opportunity.

Thanks all

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welcome to the dz forums.

knowledge, skill and attitude. please don't be in a hurry, you will miss the best part... friendships. parachuting, static line, is not skydiving. it is a valuable skill but not the thrill of tandem... aff... superman!

yes, the economy is tough, evaluate what you really want. will tunnel time be more cost effective and like free fall?

Everyone deserves to be superman, safely!
Anyone can swim, only a few swim well.
Anyone can skydive, everyone can skydive well. Practice!

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welcome to the forums.
in what currency are you quoting your estimates ?
A licenses are different per country. Always look locally what the license will allow you to do.
If I were you I would take advantage of being in the warmer and cheaper side of Europe to start jumping.
Just make sure you have "enough" money when you start, as you might change your plans of going back to UK very quickly :)
scissors beat paper, paper beat rock, rock beat wingsuit - KarlM

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@hub1100 I would love to be able to stay at one DZ, but I don't think that will be possible.

@piisfish The figure are in euro\Pounds on average they seem to be fairly similar.
Trying to put off coming back to London as long as possible. I think I will try and get a few jumps here before I head back if I can.

Hi James thanks for the link that was very helpful

I'll see how things go, but I think I'll probably go the Raps route to save a little cash. Whether I go in Europe or England I think will depend on when and where I'm moving to next.

Thx all

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