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You should focus on scuba in Thailand if you do scuba or sightseeing. That place has been closed for almost a year.

There is another place to jump though up north but only cessna 172 for $49 a pop to 10k (mssg me if you want someone to jump with I'll join ya if you do decide to jump there...they're looking to get a caravan not sure when). Funny as it seems like so many people are coming to Thailand in April that I know and many Asian jumpers are going to Cali or Australia.

link below for website and info
For info regarding lift ticket prices all around the world check out

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DZ next to Pattaya unfortunately closed until further notice. it's a pity because it is really nice to jump there.
but i have jumped in udon thani as well...very nice people....smaller plane but at the end of the day u will still manage to get some airtime
let me know if u go...i might swoop in from phuket
blue skies!

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