CarolinaFest 2012 May 29 - June 3

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Welcome to CarolinaFest 2012! May 29 - June 3, 2012 http://www.carolinafestboogie.com

Please join us for what will be a great week of fun!

Here's what we have in store: World Class LO's, Specialty Aircraft including hot air balloons and helicopters, Otters, and more! Free Jumps (Sponsored Twin Otter loads), head down state record attempts, wingsuit state record attempts, great parties, an amazing raffle, and the industry's top vendors.

LO Lineup:

Brian Buckland
Amy Chmelecki
Melanie Curtis
Melissa Nelson
Simon 'Bones' Palacio
Luis Prinetto
Pepe Rodriguez
Ryan Risberg
Team Scarecrow: Rob Antalocy, Dave Colucci, Tuck Pendelton

Formation Skydiving
Carolina Turbo XP: Joey Freeman, Doug Barron, Andrew Happick, Joey Coffineau
Nick Grillet
Sandy Grillet
Regan Tetlow
Chris Wagner
Rhonda Wilcox

Wingsuit Organizers
Tim Hedderich

Don't miss out on Turbo 20-Ways on Thursday of the event!

Free Loads
Free loads will be offered on Thursday morning at 8:00am and at 6:00am on Saturday morning. 2011 saw 16 Twin Otter loads sponsored....more in the works!

Keep up with all the boogie updates and pre-register at http://www.carolinafestboogie.com
Don't Miss CarolinaFest 2012!
May 29 - June 3, 2012

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Quick CarolinaFest Update:

The Free Twin Otter load count is now at 12 sponsored loads with a few more in the works to be finalized. The Free loads will be offered on Thursday morning of the boogie beginning at 8:00am. Saturday free loads will begin at 6:00am.

Justin Shorb of Flock U will be one of our wingsuit LO's along with Tim Hedderich. Plans are being developed for a wingsuit state record attempt. Details to be announced at the event website http://www.carolinafestboogie.com

Luis Prinetto and Ryan Risberg will be leading the head down state record attempts. If interested be sure to register online. Also, if you would like to qualify for this event, the qualifier will be taking place on Tuesday and Wednesday of the event. There is a registration page for this on the event website also.

Vendors Commited thusfar are:
Airtec (Cypres)

Blue Skies Magazine

Cookie Composites
Icarus Canopies 

LiquidSky Sports
Mirage Systems
Performance Designs


Wicked Wingsuits

Regan Tetlow will be covering much of the social media and online coverage of the event. Regan will be coming in from Skydive Empuriabrava and will also be doing some load organizing throughout the week.

That's the latest news.....if you haven't joined the Facebook page for the event http://www.facebook.com/events/259334684135926/
Don't Miss CarolinaFest 2012!
May 29 - June 3, 2012

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this is s great boogie wih FREE loads, lots of organizers and plenty of planes..TeamDirtySanchez will be there jumping with current member and all those who wish to become a memberB|

I hope to see u there!

MUFF #3384, DIRTY SANCHEZ #28(Chief Recruiting Officer), FALLING GATOR #7801-A, POPS #10957, FLYING HELLFISH #847, HISPAS #79, SRA #9229, Surfador Rodrigues

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