Australia's most beautiful locations for skydiving

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I'm comparing locations and prices for skydiving in Australia. As a backpacker I will cross the whole nation so I pick the best offer.

Someone on a Australian forum said that whitsundays (Airlie beach) in Australia is the most beautiful location on earth to jump. I've seen the videos and the sight is breathtaking. But they only offer handycam DVDs and I insist that the jump is recorded from a distance

Are there any other popular locations in Australia?
I've asked it on a specific Australian forum but there's not much activity there

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I think your going to find that most locations in Australia do nt offer outside video but that does not mean they don't have someone capable of doing it. You can always call the drop zone you are looking at jumping at and ask them if they can do outside video.
Outside video is going to cost you more than hand cam as it requires another jumper who also needs to be paid.
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Jump the Beach Brisbane offers outside camera....

While not quite on the level of Airlie for scenery it does alright with great views of Morton Island, North Stradbroke and the flight up takes you over bribie island. As well as great views of the Glass House Mountains

on a clear (cold) day you can just make out Fraser Island all the way down to Tweed Heads! Check that out on the map.
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