dz in Brazil please jan feb

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Brazil is huge dude! :P We have 4 turbine dropzones in Brazil, only weekends.
The biggest one is Boituva, Sao Paulo, they have 4 Caravans and the best flyers in the country.
There is a Dropzone in Manaus and in Boa Vista, in the North of Brazil, both have Caravans in the weekends.
My home Dropzone is in Fortaleza, Ceara, and is the only one with a ocean view and has 2 Caravans.
Thats it, we have a lot of dropzones, but all of them with little cessnas.

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Actually, Boituva is a little trick, it is only one dropzone.
One company owns the 4 planes. But there are like 10 schools using these planes in the same dropzone.

All of them use the same aircrafts and landing zone.

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