Chicks Rock, 2011 Skydive Elsinore

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The 10th Annual Skydiving Chicks Rock 2011 is HERE!

29 Sept - 2 Oct 2011

Heaven and Hell (Theme)

That’s right, Skydive Elsinore’s 10th Annual Skydiving Chicks Rock Boogie is here! September 29 - October 2nd! Where all skydiving worlds collide in one epic, extravagant, exceptional weekend of education, fun, and awesomeness! Everyone will be here......Including you!

Get Signed up for the Pre-Camps! (Sept. 29-30)


Back by popular demand, we will kick off with a Women’s Vertical Skills Camp. This year Melanie Curtis and Melissa Nelson are back, along with Kim Winslow, all Women's Vertical World Record organizers leading this camp! The bigger group will be bigger-way head-down skydives and skills, while we will also accommodate smaller head-down groups for those ladies who can fly head down, but are just starting to fly in groups. Registration for this camp is $150 for both days, you pay for your jump tickets, and all coaching and video included! This also includes the $45 boogie registration... ridiculous value, ridiculous fun. Call the office to sign up. (951) 245-9939.


On the FS side this year we have Hannah Betts, one of the most badass women belly flyers out there! Leading a FS camp up to 16-ways maximum, you'll have her ear and eyes for two full days to learn the basics and intermediate skills that come with doing bigger belly-ways. Registration for this camp is also $150, and also includes video and fees and the weekend boogie registration! Super value! Call the office to sign up. (951) 245-9939.

Thursday night it's the Night Swoop practice swoops for Saturday night's show... bonus entertainment for everyone who comes early. Email [email protected] if you know you can hang. Limited slots available, and only capable pilots allowed to participate.

Of course all our amazing event sponsors will again be out in force, donating killer prizes to make up the best event raffle every year.... Performance Designs, Mirage, Cypres 2, Cookie, Liquid Sky, UPT, Tony Suits, Icarus, and MORE!!!

Naked Vertical World Record! (Friday - Sept 30)

Andy Malchiodi is putting all “skin in the game” again this year by organizing and establishing a new un-official Naked Vertical World Record. The previous world record of 9 is the number to beat! Andy hopes to shatter this record by at least 6” this year! Please email Andy at: [email protected] if you are interested in participating. Starts 1pm Friday, will do two clothed attempts, and two official attempts. Of course ladies participating in the Head Down camp CAN participate in the record if they want!

Saturday - Sunday: FULL TILT BOOGIE - Chicks Rock Style

All incredible organizers out in force, chicks and dudes alike. Andy Malchiodi, Lou Ascione, Jared Foti, just to name a few! The jumping is gonna go off. No matter what your skill level, beginner to badass, we got someone for you. Everyone is welcome, and everyone will get airtime.. don't be shy.. really, everyone is welcome! :))

Saturday night kicks off with the Night Swoop Show! Badass canopy pilots swoop the pond under the big lights to kick off the festivities…….

Of course, as we all know, as the masses post on facebook in the most ridiculous and awesome pictures of the year...... yeah, I'm talking about the CHICKS ROCK THEME PARTY!!!! Whether you've been or not, you already know EVERYONE goes huge, EVERYONE dresses up, and EVERYONE has the time of their lives at the party of the century. This year's theme, Heaven and Hell is up to you....... good or evil, white or black, yin or yang, angel or demon, wings or horns........ which one you gonna be? Either way, see you in the photo booth, baby.

We always aim to get a sweet helicopter for Sunday jumping, so stay tuned for confirmation on that!

And don't forget, Fiona Horne will be leading us in AM Yoga every boogie day! She's the best, and her sessions are definitely the best way to get stretched out and ready for the sky! :))

Rego for Chicks Rock is $45. It’s been that for years now and the DZO’s won’t up it because they always want this event to be easy for peeps to attend. That includes a ton of stuff too… coveted boogie-T, goodie bag full of cool stuff and manufacturer give-aways, raffle ticket, dinner ticket, boogie beverages, all the organizing you can get, and a weekend of skydiving love like no other. Just the way we roll at Skydive Elsinore, yo.

More info to come as the event develops!!!

Call now to get your slot in the pre-camps! Those slots are limited, and will go fast! (951) 245-9939.

Pre-registration really helps us too, so call to register early! Not only will pre-registration guarantee you get the shirt-size you want, one of the first 100 peeps to register will win a super-sweet prize! Do it. Call now.

Any questions, hit up Skydive Elsinore or Melanie Curtis on facebook, or [email protected]

Be yourself!

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Brian, come fly, come fly!! We'll have some awesome wingsuit flights going on!

There are always plenty of people driving to the dz each of those days, locals may correct me if I'm wrong but I believe ONT is the preferred/closer airport... just post here closer to the event date and I'm sure someone will help you out.

SOOO excited for Chicks Rock and
GLOW ("Gorgeous Ladies Of Wingsuiting") formations!

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Anybody coming from LAX on Thursday night or heading back to LAX Sunday morning?

Sep 29
Depart Kansas City (MCI) at 07:05 PM
Arrive in Los Angeles (LAX) at 08:35 PM

Oct 2
Depart Los Angeles (LAX) at 10:50 AM
Arrive in Kansas City (MCI) at 04:05 PM

Would love a ride!!!:)

Get your PMS glass necklace here

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I'm landing at LAX Fri the 30th at 5:25pm, and flying out Sunday the 2nd at 7:15pm. There's a small chance I can bump my arrival to Thursday, or earlier on Friday. Since I'm mooching, I don't mind waiting at the airport after my arrival or before my departure.
Anyone traveling between LA and the airport similar times?

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I plan on flying into ONT Thursday evening and flying out Monday morning. I will likely rent a car, so if anyone needs a ride in either direction let me know.

Can't wait for this boogie. It's going to be awesome!
"I fly because it releases my mind from the tyranny of petty things." - Antoine de Saint-Exupery

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Yikes. I have a humble AFF lesson scheduled there that weekend.
Anything I should be aware of, other then there will be a zillion people?
I don't want to get into the way! :)

No worries, the school will manage your lesson just fine!
Enjoy the crowd, enjoy the peoples, and the vibe around the DZ.

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You'll have fun and you'll meet a lot of great women (and some men!) in the sport. There's a themed costume party; throw something together and join in the fun! :)

She is Da Man, and you better not mess with Da Man,
because she will lay some keepdown on you faster than, well, really fast. ~Billvon

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