FLAT turn?

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Wow..I was just looking this up today and bookmarked that thread.

Billvon sums it up best:


Imagine two turns. The first one, you just pull a toggle down. You turn quickly, lose a lot of altitude, and come out of the turn with a lot of speed, more speed than the canopy normally gives you at full flight. The canopy gradually slows down to normal glide.

The second one, you start with one toggle and bring the other one in gradually, until at the end of the turn you have both toggles most of the way down. The canopy comes out of the turn with _less_ speed than normal, and once you let go of the toggles, the canopy must speed up to get back to normal speed.

Between these two extremes is an amount of opposite toggle that will not cause the canopy to slow down _or_ speed up; when you come out of the turn you will be at normal flying speed and can flare immediately. This my definition of a perfect flat turn.

How do you practice this? Try it up high. When you complete the turn, immediately let both toggles up to full flight. If the canopy starts out flat, then dives when you let go of the toggles, you used too much opposite toggle. If the canopy starts out in a dive, then recovers after a few seconds, you used too little opposite toggle. If the canopy just shakes a bit then flies along happily, neither diving nor flattening back out, you used just the right amount of opposite toggle.

> anything else I could have done to help that landing?

Try the above; another alternative would have been to turn less on approach and more during the flare itself.

However, on the plus side, you took a potentially deadly situation and turned it into a minor sprain. That exact scenario injures and kills many people every year; good job at having the skill to keep yourself intact. I wish more people took the time to develop that skill.

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