tandem skydiving in Yellowstone NP, Teton NP, Glacier NP (and sport rock climbing)

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I'm French, and I'm looking for a skydiving agency to offer a tandem skydiving over Yellowstone NP or Grand Teton NP or Glacier NP (in brief, over beautiful landscape).
I found already:
Big sky skydiving

Bozeman Skydivers
no website (please help me ;) ! )

Skydive lost prairie

Meadow peak skydiving

Do you have some information about these agencies or another one (link, addressee, price) ?
Best regards,

PS: I saw some of you like rock climbing, me too, and I would like to know if it possible to practice sport rock climbing (on bolt) in Yellowstone NP, Teton NP or Glacier NP, because I never did trad rock climbing and I don't have the gear for this.

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It is against the law to sky dive in any US National Park. You can rock climb, but if you've never done it, there are much safer places to learn. Moab Utah is excellent place to learn. There is also a DZ there that you could make a tandem.
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no. France is AFAIK th eonly place where it is required...

In the civilized world, you just sign that you are more or less in good health and have no known counter-indicators...
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