Los Cabos?

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hi all,
i will be in los cabos mexico the last weekend of may and was wondering if there is a place to jump out there. if so, how is it, type of plane, etc? i was never sure how up-to-date the DZ database is on this site, so i thought i would ask in the forums.

i will be out there for a week and would definitely jump if the facility is accommodating.


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Last I heard they were jumping a Cessna 402. It is a stunning view and Johnny and Jessica are fantastic people. It is a Tandem business though so don't expect a lot in terms of volume or fun jumpers. the local scene is a bit busy on Sunday.
You need 500 jumps and to be current to jump there as there is no real designated DZ. The place we aimed for was not exclusive to us so your accuracy skills need to be good as your target can shift due to people on the ground.

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