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As of ten minutes ago, Sydney Skydivers just got alot cheaper, we now have the mean 250 Jump package, and this is how it will work......

250 Jumps paid upfront, will work out to $28 per slot.
Jumps will be from either the Super Caravan (900HP), which climbs at 1700ft per minute ( I timed that-Owners say 9 minutes to 14K), this is one sexy ass machine.
The Australian famous Skyvan, or the PAC XL.

You can purchase one package and can split it between one other person. You can not split a single package with more than one other name. So this works for those husband wife jumpers, trying to pull that hot chick jumpers, or just traveling or team mates.
Split a package and it means that your jumps are going from $42 down to $28 and you are ONLY buying 125 jumps. crazy, but damn Australia needs some good jump deals and they just came in.

there is NO time limit and camping, showers etc are FREE for all package holders.

I tell you what, buy your package before the Xmas boogie gets here because these will sell out fast.

Right now it is 32 degrees and we have constant loads going all day on a Monday. We have large groups of Military AFF here for the next couple of months meaning operation hours are going well.

Teams are welcome,WIFI is here, Cafe is here, teams rooms are here and the super badass caravan is now here.

I dont work for Sydney Skydivers, its just the owner was telling me about this and thought I should post it as it is huge in my opinion. There will be a few conditions I imagine but contact Phil Onis on 0411864676.
Teams in Australia should get in to this!

.Karnage Krew Gear Store

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