UKS Boogie-September 2010

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Hi guys we are planing a BOOGIE at Dunkeswell airfield in the UK during September.

We are aiming to make this a fantastic event and would like to invite everyone (including our European and American friends) to come and join us in the skies ...

Proposed Aircraft

BEECH 99 - 18 jumpers to 15k in 12 mins

Helicopter - 4 jumpers to 5K (tbc)

Balloon (tbc)

Plus a second plane (possibly a Skyvan for some tailgate goodness)

Pre-registration will be required for the Boogie as well as the balloon and helicopter jumps

RW Coaching

We will be organising RW coaching for experienced jumpers as well as specific coaches for those jumpers with low experience levels...

FF Coaching

Currently we have several FF coaches booked for the BOOGIE to ensure some BIGWAY FF goodness ...

WS jumps and FFC's

We are expecting to offer some FFC's for those that have never jumped before and we would like to invite all experienced jumpers to come and join the UKS flock !!!


With brand new hot showers, a brand new jumpers only building and covered packing area, a new bunkhouse and FREE camping Dunkeswell has great facilities.

Fly into Bristol / Exeter / Southampton airports (all within 2 hours) or fly into Cardiff / London and grab a car!!!

With outside catering and a brand new coffee machine - the food should be as good as the jumping too!!! :P:P

So what are you waiting for???

Pre-registration is expected to start 12th July 2010 - see www.ukskydiver.co.uk for more details or the UKS Boogie page on facebook ...

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Helicopters 12 pounds to 13,000 feet (20 jumpers) in Kolomna, Russia (((

Dunkeswell - 65 quid to 5 grand !!!

Interesting - but I wont be going

I'm NOT totally useless... I can be used as a bad example

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Sorry Mik

Unfortunately the helicopter here costs a lot more to bring in!!

If you can bring one of your helicopters here for £12 a slot - you're hired!! B|B|

Sorry to hear that you won't be coming - it's going to be a great event and lots of fun ...:)
For the hundred plus people that have already responded - see you there !!!

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Hi Chris

I seem to remember that Nethers were charging £50 a load back in 2008 - some other DZ's have run loads since but at least one of those has made a loss whilst doing it ...

The cheapest way to make a helicopter jump at the boogie is to book a load between 4 people as it ensures that every load is full and you each save a few quid against the single ticket price ...

Still i'm pleased that you are coming and hopefully we'll all have a complete blast as it looks like it's going to be mega and with Jarno and Macca organising there we should make some great wingsuit jumps as well :)

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We now have a BALLOON confirmed for the BOOGIE - so now we have the fastest (permanently based) jump plane in the UK / Helicopter jumps / Balloon Jumps and a FLEET of TURBINE aircraft ...

Add into the mix 200 jumpers - approx 20 load organisers and coaches - every discipline from CRW / FF / FS / WS plus a HUGE party and a great DZ ... :)
So what are you waiting for???

REGISTER HERE http://www.ukskydivers.com/uks-stuff/uks-boogie-registration.html


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Well we've decided to add a Dornier to the BEECH 99 for the BOOGIE - so now you're only choice is WHICH FAST PLANE do you choose?? :P

So there it is - a UKS BOOGIE with a BEECH 99 / DORNIER / Helicopter and 3 (YES THREE) hot air balloons ...

Not to mention the 17 load organisers and coaches, 15k altitude and FREE CAMPING, HOT SHOWERS, demo canopies etc!!

And with jumpers registered from the UK / Norway / Germany and other European countries it's going to be MEGA B|B|

So don't forget to register and we'll see you there ...

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