February, DUBAI... BE THERE!

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Ok, first of all I know this will be locked out because I am posting for February, but you all will be able to read it. So here goes my idea...
I currently serve in Afghanistan and will be taking vacation in February. I want to see if its possible to get a bunch of people to go to Dubai. The exact date is unknown... probably middle of February, for a week. I currently have 3 people interested to go with me. I have not checked with the DZ or anything to see if this is possible, but before I go through all that work I want to see how many people are interested. I will say this, I am going somplace warm to jump in February. If Dubai can't host I will find another DZ, so if you're interested in joining some safe yet crazy mo-fos for some winter/ warm weather jumping fun, shoot me a e-mail and I will add you to my "contact list" for when I get more info. I will send a e-mail with dates and stuff if you want to come you can reply and we can talk more.
Let me know whats up
[email protected]
-Eddie B (feel free to message)

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First,Thank you for your service!!! Do whatever you gotta do to stay safe over there.

Second, I don't think this should be locked because it's not really about anything. :P There is no information here.:D

Have a good weekend. I hope you can blow something up.If you do, write CSpenceFLY on it if you can.:)

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