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palatka rents rigs, i think its $25 for one jump or $50 for the day. really looking for durring the week in the am.

I'm in jacksonville, and made my home at deland, lots of really great and helpful people there. and the owner is awsome as well, took me an ONE other guy to altitude in the PAC on my very first solo (tandems werent ready, and he didnt feel like we should have to wait). needless to say it was nice to be able to stretch out on the bench and actually have room to breathe and think, haha. on top of that ive never had to actually wait very long for a load, they pretty much put them up damn near constantly. check it out either way, its WELL worth the drive.
Thanatos340(on landing rounds)--
Landing procedure: Hand all the way up, Feet and Knees Together and PLF soon as you get bitch slapped by a planet.

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While i was living in Savannah, I really enjoyed the people at Skydive Walterboro!

Nice/friendly/willing to jump staff and upjumpers.

Good people.

Yeah, I can vouch for them too. My GF says it's a small place compared to Skydive HI but whatever. I enjoyed the heck out of my first experience there and I'd totally go again for some SL.

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