Laila Stamper-Jenkins (Kallio) Memorial Weekend

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Laila Stamper-Jenkins (Kallio) was one of the life forces at the Arthur Parachute School of Toronto. Spiritually, she was someone we all aspired to be like. Laila saw the good in everyone she met and often befriended troubled souls. She was trusting, and kind. Her spirit was strong, but over time, her body was weakened by Wegener's disease. Her positive outlook and determination to make the best of things exemplifies the strength of character. It would be very difficult to find someone to speak ill of her. Now, don't think she was a saint,.. She was often late as she lived on Drop Zone Standard Time. As to any other flaws, .. they were far outweighed by the her positive attributes, and they helped to make her who she was. Pages could be filled with tributes to Laila,.. and I would hope that they will be. Share your treasured memories and more importantly, gather with Laila's friends and family to celebrate the life and legacy of Laila on July 24th at the Parachute School of Toronto.
Blue Skies!

Laila's memorial jump is scheduled for Saturday,July 24th, (weather date, Sunday, July 25th) Plans are underway, and more will be posted in the future as plans are finalized. Please pass this information to anyone who you know would be interested and stay tuned.

An event has been created on facebook for this occassion.

Also check out http://www.lailasgarden.com to learn about the memorial garden and donate online.

We are also working to bring Laila's daughter home.
Help bring Karly home.
As with all young adults, money is tight, and with the additional expenses incurred lately, Karly would have a very difficult, if not impossible time making it home for the July 24th memorial.
This is a celebration that she should not miss. Flight costs are around $700. If you believe that Karly should be here,.. help by going to http://www.lailasgarden.com and selecting to donate by paypal to Bring Karly Home. If everyone reading this could contribute what they can afford,.. we only need 35 people to send $20, or 70 people to send $10. It's not a lot of money, for us to share the burden. $10 is only about 5 Timmie's coffees, 3 beers at a bar, or less than a low jump,.. I'm sure many people are willing to set aside this small amount to bring Karly home for this important event in her life.

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