Sussex NJ, Summer Kickoff Weekend!!

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Come kick off the official start of the Summer Season at Skydive Sussex!! Extra altitude on many of the Kingair loads, huge party Saturday night with live music!! Local Hooters girls are coming out to jump Saturday in their uniforms!!

Who can miss out on 14,000+, live music, Hooters girls, and a good old shindig at Sussex?!?

For more info contact us via email at Skydive@skydivesussex.com, add us on facebook http://www.facebook.com/skydivesussex?ref=ts, or call manifest at 973 702 7000!

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This is the third weekend in a row you have posted about "events" at your dz. This is crossing the line from actual events to advertising, which is against the forum rules. Please refer to Sangiro's sticky post at the top of the page, specifically:


The purpose of this forum is to discuss "skydiving events and boogies" We will be much more diligent in removing advertising from here in the future. We will also remove duplicate and unnecessary spamming. Please don't abuse this forum and risk loosing your posting privileges.

The following is not a "skydiving event", it's a special that you're advertising:

$15 Thursdays at Skydive Purupatoo

There is a link at the bottom of the page for information on advertising in the forums, you are more than welcome to click on that and consider that option. If you have any problems with this policy, please feel free to contact Sangiro.
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