Skydive San Joaquin Vally

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I did two or three jumps there back in 08 when a bunch of us were there for Philly's 50th Birthday Bash...


I heard it through the grapevine, 5th or 6th hand... so take it with a grain of salt please... that the city inspector or fire marshall or ??? really pissed in George's Wheaties about many deficiencies over the place's facilities and they had to suspend operations. I'd like to hear that they're getting things squared away and will be up and running again sooner then later, but I haven't heard anything.

George and Robin's tie to the place is understandable, but I'd be thrilled if they picked up and tried to make a go of having a Drop Zone at Cal City instead. ;) ... yeah, I know, snowball's chance in hell... :S

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