Skydive Madrid and Efes

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I'll be going to Turkey in December and I'm looking into the dropzones that I'll have access to.

I'll have a 9 hour layover in Madrid and will be spending much of December until Jan 5th in Istanbul. I have e-mailed both DZs and received responses from Efes so far.

I'd like to know if I should have any reservations about jumping at the DZs. I'm speaking in terms of equipment quality, load frequency, attitude towards foreign jumpers, etc. I'd also like to know if there are any other dropzones in Turkey that I can consider besides Efes, as it is very far from Istabul and I'm having a ton of trouble finding information on the other DZs.

A third question is regarding Madrid. Is it a realistic goal to reach the DZ, jump once, head back to the city, see a sight, east some food, and arrive in time for my flight? I arrive in Madrid at around 9 AM and my flight departs at 6 PM.

Dropzones are terrible places for inspiration. What does one think when one looks up for a sign only to see a bunch of people falling?

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