Where to jump in states mid Jan 2010.

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Just bought a new Vector and i'm going to fly from Eire to the big smoke to pick it up personally and jump the shit out of it! Want to keep as far East as poss(economy flights over 4hrs are not pleasant) minimal requirement for weather is that it must be jumpable, cheap accom, and decent drinking establishments (any hole in the wall will do) so hit me!

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19 - Jan 3 - Annual Christmas Boogie I am tired thinking about it already - have not recovered from the last one.

Markku & the Fins arrive December 26
Skydive Salgau & the first wave of Germans arrive.
December 31 - Cross your fingers for a fireworks show - any out there already have a license for fireworks???
1 - The day of rest - but not for us......

15-17 - Freeze-Yer-BunZ-Off-Boogie, with CRW seminars with Mike Lewis. For all levels, beginner and up.

Everglades Boogie (South Florida)


Muff Brother #4041
Team Dirty Sanchez #467

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Z-Hills for sure ... been there many times and its the shizznit ... you can camp for free or you can rent these lil 10-12 ft' campers

For the view I would also check out Sebastian ... and beach jumps too ...

Deland is good as well

But if i had to pick it would be the hills all the way ... I am a rancher and our planes head down there for the winter ... If its busy you will have three otters turning loads all day long and a very diverse group of people to jump with ... right near tampa fl to find stuff to do but every time i have been there i never left the dz except for beer and ice ...

the condemned convict climbs the highest peaks without fear

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