Skydiving in Italy?

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I wonder if anyone can help me...

I'm going to Italy in Jan/Feb next year and hoping to jump a little bit while I'm there.

Going to be in the North Eastern region of Friulli Venezia Giulia. (near Venice, and the borders of Austria and Slovenia)

Does anyone know of good dz's to go to, and information about them?

I've been on the dz reviews, but my italian isn't all that great (reading the websites :$) and I was hoping for some recommendations.

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Jan/Feb will be quite cold in that region... If you're not very close to Adriatic sea it will be below freezing point.

That said you should have some options as far as DZs go, but I'm not sure which close down for the winter and which don't.

In Italy you have http://www.skydive-venice.com/ (no english translation, sorry). It's a Pilatus Porter PC-6 DZ. They _should_ be opened all year round. This should be the closest DZ in that area.

Then you have few options in neighbouring countries (Switzerland, Austria, Slovenia, Croatia, maybe even Hungary if you're willing to drive for 5+ hours) but most if not all will be much colder than skydive Venice (unless someone decides to organise a boogie on Slovenian or Croatian coast in which case you'll get a chance to do some of the most beautiful jumps in your life).

Make sure you reply in this thread a week or so before you arrive and I'll give you fresh info.
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Skydive Thiene or Skydive Salgareda are the closest ones to the place where you will be staying, both of them are very nice, but if you fancy travelling south towards the capital of Italy then you will have to try THE ZOO www.the-zoo.it the fastest growing drop zone in Italy. Nothing can compare ;-) Absolutely the best on the market!!

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