Salt Lake City to Lost Prairie

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Gonna be heading to Lost Prairie for the boogie. I'll be there packing during the entire event. I was looking to carpool with some folks from the area/at a mid point between the two. I was going to rent a car, perhaps a one-way and hitch a ride back to Ogden on Eloy's Otter. No car-rental companies will do a one-way so I may be taking the ol' van. Would prefer to split gas money a few ways or, better yet, hop in a car with those already heading up.

Even if you aren't planning to stay for the entire event, that is fine by me. As said, I was going to hitch a flight back and was simply looking for a one-way.

However, if you are going to be there from 8/25-9/3, we can all just round trip it.

I am currently trying to get off from work on Friday the 24th. In the case that I cannot, I'll be leaving SLC late friday night and marathon driving to Kalispell.

email me: [email protected] if you are interested in making the trip.

Ahhh, its great to be young and insane!

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