Jumping in Vegas....need help!

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This weekend I'll be in Vegas for a friend's bachelor party and we all decided to go skydiving. What better to do with a hangover, right? Anyway, me being the only skydiver in our crowd, I've been voluntold to make this happen.

I've read very mixed reviews about the DZ's in Vegas; some rip you off, wait 6 hours for a load, wam-bam thank you ma'am, etc... I've even called a few that advertise jun jumping on their sites, however on the phone they said they don't have any fun jumping.

Can someone please guide me in the right direction on this.

Does anyone know of any reputable DZ's close to the Vegas strip that also allow jun jumpers? I have my own gear (finally!)

Of course this day is not about me, it's about my friend. While allowing fun jumpers is not a requirement for our party.....it would be very helpful being that I'll only pay for a ride up vice a tandem ride. My friends will make me jump, either with my own gear or having to pay for a tandem.

Help me out folks:)

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For what (little) it's worth, when I did a tandem with Skydive Las Vegas in 1995, we had a great time. Ignorance is bliss, right? The short freefall I attributed to sensory overload, while the pictures taken were among the best I've seen in the predigital era. Odds are they will enjoy it regardless of where you go.

But...as they say, Mesquite is only an hour away, which isn't very different from SDLV. Just give your buddies a good view of your exit right before they get to do it.

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I'm in Vegas right now and I didn't even bring my rig. I'd call Mesquite - in years past they had a Caravan in the winter and only a 182 in the summer. When it gets hot they only jump in the early mornings. (or so they did a while back).

Great place though, highly recommend Mesquite, just make sure you know they are jumping and can handle your group.

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I just did the experienced jumper thing in Vegas in April. This is what I discovered.

Skydive Las Vegas in Boulder City will not let experienced jumpers jump alone. Of course you could always pay to do the tandem but then that kind of defeats the purpose of having your rig along. (I made a few jumps there in 1998, before the ban.)

Vegas Extreme Skydiving in Jean is a tandem factory focused dropzone, but they will take fun jumpers. Extreme price, though. $30 a jump out of a Caravan. Nice people there.

Skydive Mesquite is the place to go. They have a Caravan, too and are more like a normal dropzone. They do tandems but they have a bunch of fun jumpers as well.

Sin City Skydiving is in Jean as well, as a matter of fact in the same building as Vegas Extreme. I didn't get a feel for them or make a jump there. They have a C206 I believe.

Hope this helps.
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They are all right. skydive mesquite is the only place to go.

During this time of year they do have the C-182.
LAst year they had a 206, as well.
They will jump all day if the weather permits.
CAll 1877 -2go jump
make your reservations.

I used to be the video guy there but I moved to colorado.

If you wanna see some vid go to www.youtube.com/jtval27
or just search youtube for skydive mesquite.
My photos

My Videos

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