Emerald Coast Memorial Day Beach Boogie 2009

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Thanks dude! Good meeting you too.
Lucky for you the trained EMT was on hand when you opened your dome. I would've just told you to ice it with a bottle and squirt some Crazy Glue on it. Oh, and you forgot the two hair-line cracked ribs Kor got from her forced SeaDoo dismount.

I'm late with this as usual, but:

-The Chester Crew for the room and board and entertainment (Read: "INSANITY")
-MD, Nancy, Becky-the Love of my life, and the whole ECSC Family for throwing another great boogie and still being my favorite audience
-And of course EVERYONE who put me WAY over the top in the "Who Wants to Motorboat Cyndi?" game

Already looking forward to next year.B|

OrFunV/LocoBoca Rodriguez/Sonic Grieco/Muff Brother #4411
-"and ladies....messin with Robbie is venturing into territory you cant even imagine!-cuz Robbie is

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Add in a hurt knee from bouncing off the sand and going into a blind man swoop... :P

Great boogie as always. Despite the weather still got 7 beach jumps. B|

Thanks to
* the FOGs and the FNGs for the place to crash and the crazy fun times and the terabytes of pictures.
* the whole ECSC staff and locals
* The Chester crew that proved those on staff actually do remember how to fun jump.
* all of those that came. Some from as far as Canada and Germany (some that became Mexicans)
* That person or group I didn't mention above.


Stupidity if left untreated is self-correcting
If ya can't be good, look good, if that fails, make 'em laugh.

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