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I'm going to be in New York at the beginning of May, and I was hoping to get the chance to do a bunch of jumping...but - I need a ride. Officially, I'm flying in for business on Monday and Tuesday to Stamford, but they were willing to change my flights in order for me to fly in on Friday night.

It would be great if there was some kind soul out there that might be willing to pick me up at Newark International Airport - there'll be some beer and jumps in it for ya :)

I plan on jumping all weekend - but at the end of that weekend, I would also need a lift to Stamford. I've never been to the area, so I'm not sure of distances, etc, or alternatives to getting there, so hopefully people can chime in and inform an ignorant skydiver.

Thanks a bunch.
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First, go to the Ranch forum http://www.theblueskyranch.com/forum2/ and look for the car pooling part and ask there. You might have to register to post but there you go.

Second, we have quite a few folks from that part of Connecticut so getting a lift back could actually be easy. Just don't quote me on that. Stamford is about an hour and a half from the Ranch, but there isn't much in the way of direct public transportation, so even if you can't get something lined up before you get here, I would bet that asking at manifest could produce results.

If you feel particularly familiar with fellow skydivers, look at the Ranch site Round Up page (under the "Skydiver Central" link on the home page). That's a listing of all members (we used to be a club) and addresses & phones #'s etc. Look up someone from New Jersey or NYC area and ask for a lift from Newark. They won't hurt you if they consider it rude; they just won't jump with you. Or maybe they will anyway but you buy the beer. Making a Ranch member feel you've been rude to them takes some talent so I wouldn't worry about it... unless you've got some great talent in that department, in which case I say give 'em hell. It wouldn't surprise me to learn you were rude and they bought you a beer and a slot as a result.

You could also call the Ranch to inquire before you fly out. 845.255.9538.

We're planning on superb weather that and every weekend so things should be just fine for your visit. And when you get here, ask for the Lounge. That's the Sportsmen's Lounge. Tell them I sent you.

good luck

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theres a guy dave on here that could def help you out....he organizes a NYC carpooling thing to the ranch ... if i can track him down i will let him know about you

hope you make it up there....i miss that place more then anything back home...lots of great people, great planes, great hanger....what else do you need

blue skies!!!

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