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Hi all. hope this is an ok place to post this. New to the site. I plan on doing a skydive course in NZ and have been contemplating doing up to an A licence on one trip. I was thinking of doing it at the good vibes event they have later in the year. Has anyone been to it and is it wise to do it at that time or before.
Cheers :)

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Hi Goldie, Hey thats great you are going to learn how to Skydive. I would'nt recomend doing the couse at the Good Vibes event as this is a "Boogie event" for existing qualified skydivers only ie: they wont be doing any first time coures at this event. I suggest you complete the course before attending this event there are many DZ's in New Zealand and Australia who would be happy to put you thru a learn to skydive course.
Check these links for more info on where you can do a course

Hope this helps

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