Wireless Internet and Gym @ Eloy??

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I was hoping some locals, or at least some regular visitors could point me in the right direction.

The last time I was in Eloy there was a pay wireless internet connection. Last year it didn't appear to be very fast or reliable, no offense to the operator, but I was wondering if the service had improved? If I can get a decent internet connection I am going to bring my laptop so I can stay up todate at work and webcam people back at home. If the connection is still spotty I will save myself the aggrivation of hauling to AZ.

What about the gym that is on the DZ. How does one go about purchasing access to the gym for a short period of time while visiting the DZ?

Thanks!!! :D
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There's free internet as mentioned and its fast as far as I can tell.The gym is a basic gym so don't expect a fitness club set up.If you want that, head into casa grande to the new fitness center.
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