AFF DZ recommendation outside US (anywhere is fine)?

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Hi all,

Long story short...I'm currently in Iraq and will have ~35 days or so to burn once my deployment is finished before I return to the US (for tax reasons).

I'm looking for a place to do AFF and pretty much anywhere in the world is fair game outside of the Middle East. I know that UAQ is down the road, so to speak, but I've had enough time in the desert, I think...I'm also not looking to go to Canada...if I'm halfway around the world I might as well stay outside of North America.

I've looked at the DZ locator and fiddled with the search but I guess I'm just looking for any received wisdom. I've done a few tandems (long time ago, separated by a few years) so I don't need the "great first experience."

Cost isn't really an object but I'd like not to get soaked so that I can pick up some kit at later date.

Many thanks in advance.

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Awesome instructors, warm weather, blue skies, and unforgettable views at altitude everyday. Lots of folks there would put you up there too for really cheap. In fact the pilot who flies the Fletcher there is looking for a short term room mate so I would contact them :-)

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