NC Thanksgiving CASA Boogie

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Presenting the: NC Thanksgiving CASA Boogie
November 27-30, 2008

Location: Halifax County Airport, NC (just N of RDU)

Let’s have an awesome Thanksgiving CASA Boogie in NC this year!! We need your commitment to make it happen. We lined up the airport and a CASA...will you come jump with us?

Here’s the deal… Halifax County Airport will host the boogie and we lined up the CASA! This huge, wide open, municipal airport is located approximately 1 ½ hours northeast from Raleigh-Durham, NC. There is space set aside for tents or trailers, and plenty of hotels are within 10 minutes.

We will offer a Casa, covered packing, FF and RW organizing, tracking/hoop/raft dives, a big cookout, a bonfire, concessions, and more. There will be cool prize drawings for the first 40 people who pre-register, which will be announced throughout the weekend.

We need to know…do we have the interest from everyone to move forward with this “break-even” boogie? It is very dependent upon the amount of responses we receive. Please respond to this post and let us know if you are interested… quick, fast, in a hurry… by Friday October 17th. More details about the boogie will follow if the interest is strong.
Blue Skies…and hope to see you there.

The CSS Gang
"Jump to Live!"

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That would be great. I've met lots of West coast people in the year I've been jumping, but not many from the East coast. Hmmmmm, I'm assuming bolas isn't typical of jumpers from that side of the country. I still haven't gotten the image of him and his thong at Prairie out of my mind. lol

Now for my dumb question of the day.......what's a CASA? I know it's an airplane, but that's about it
"safety first... and What the hell.....
safety second, Too!!! " ~~jmy

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A Casa is a tailgate aircraft that holds approximately 32-34 jumpers. Tons of fun!! Check out these pictures:



~ Melissa ~
"Life is too short to walk the same cautious path as everyone else."

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Granny, I'll jump with you in a heartbeat... we can do my favorite CASA exit... the same as my very first CASA exit. Start as far front as you can get, say 'ready, set, go' and you and a friend go running the length of the plane and canonball off the back, it's a blast!!:)

Do or do not, there is no try -Yoda

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