Adam Bishop remarks Elsinore Fatality

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Adam Bishop wrote :

Flying there formations down jump run. Having pilots with low experience in big formations. Landing down wind in the main landing area. Half the time there coming in two different directions. They act like a bunch of idiots. It’s all fun and games till someone bounces wearing someone else’s chute. Some one F’ed Up. I was there Saturday, saw they were jumping and left. Go ahead Delete my post. I’ll jump another day .

My Reply :

The Team flys our formation where we are instructed to by the pilot and ATC. The only time we fly "over the top" is when there is only one plane turning as fast as it can and an offset jump run is not needed and us shuffling our canopies to an offset would negate practicing for a timed competitive event. Our team canopies descend so fast we are on the ground before the plane has loaded.

We never fly over the top with students or bigger canopies even if we are instructed to get out over the top by the pilot we proceed to our offset flight area and we don't return until below 2k.

There are no exceptions.

For the last year and a half the team has engaged in synchronized landings which makes it impossible to come in from two different directions. If it is a camp or a larger group we remind everybody to follow DZ canopy pattern protocol just like all skydivers ,regardless of discipline, must.

We introduce pilots to CRW with simple docks on 2- ways and later 4-ways, typically simple stacks. Nobody gets placed on big formations without performing on smaller building blocks.

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Because the entire tread was deleted from the incidents forum by the moderators hours before it was brought to my attention. Most likely because of your inappropriate and inflammatory comments in regards to a fatality. I replied to screen save someone forwarded to me but in another forum.

I hope this answers your question and have a nice day

Do us all a favor and go away for another 4

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***it took you 4 years to dig this post up ? :o

IMO THIS thread should be deleted...

Adam has brought up some and continues to bring up some serious issues. This is the forum for exactly that.

The question is: really does he have a real basis for continuing these complaints?

Jump more, post less!

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