12th Annual Freezefest at Cross Keys, Feb 23-24 - Sign up for your team!

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Here it is again, folks! The COOLEST boogie in the world, and the ONLY winter boogie in the Northeast! Freezefest 2008 is Feb 23-24, at Skydive Cross Keys NJ, snow or shine! Here's the top ten reasons why you can't miss it!

10.Heated Hangar
9. Heated turbine aircraft
8. Hot free organizers
7. Hot jump giveaways
6. Frozen Hit 'n Chug
5. Heated new CK Lounge and Bar
4. Frosty Keg
3. Chillin' with friends
2. The return of EXTREME BEER PONG
AND ... the number one reason to come to Freezefest ...
1. We are gonna KICK SOME ICE!

So choose your Beer Pong partner, shine up your balls, dig out the latex gloves, and help us put the "bone" in "Zamboni" at Freezefest, 2008!
FMI please contact 856-629-7553 or email [email protected] Please check us out on Myspace at http://groups.myspace.com/skydivecrosskeys. Check all our upcoming events at www.skydivecrosskeys.com!
Where the world comes to skydive!

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Okay - I just went to the lounge to get a photo, and, well, let's just say we had a huge Superbowl party last night after a fun day in the Otter, and I think I will wait until we remove the bodies! I will post photos this week. It is SWANKY. Thanks Lead!
Where the world comes to skydive!

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We are ready to rock you this weekend at Freezefest! Looks like we will have a huge turnout as the Puerto Rico Boogie crowd from the Northeast has decided to attend! And we welcome back the Purple Otter!!!

Saturday jump ticket giveaways hourly!
Saturday jumping will wind up with a hit and chug in the peas!
Saturday sunset 4-way meet 'n great with Karl and Cherie. Snacks provided.
Evening entertainment includes the return of Extreme Beer Pong (get your team ready), keg in the new lounge, and big fat tunes featuring DJ CBAss!

After Sunday jumping, please stay with us for the annual Oscar Party, featuring Oscar Bingo. No need to have seen the movies to have fun. Follow along with your personal Oscar Ballot. Photos will be taken on the red carpet so bring along your favorite ball gown!

Hope to see everyone here! FMI please visit www.skydivecrosskeys.com, or call 856-629-7553 any day after 10 am.
Where the world comes to skydive!

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