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On the weekend they can fly anything. I jump there and it all depends on how many jumpers are there. Especially the the tandems. For the most part they fly the otter and king air. I've jumped from three different planes in one day there. King air, otter and casa in that order. King Air is early but once the tandems roll in around noon then they go bigger. Best thing to do is call them @ 919-496-2224. They should be able to give you a heads up on how it looks for the weekend at what they might be flying. Hope this helps.

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What btvr said.

The CASAs are here surprisingly often, but not necessarily when you'd expect. It just depends on when they're leased out to other DZs for events, or for military contracts. We've flown CASAs on some amazingly s-l-o-w weekends this summer.

Your best bet is to call the DZ and ask to speak to Nancy about what planes are scheduled to be 'home' this weekend. Also, I'll be out there tomorrow (Fri) and can talk to the pilots and send you a PM about what planes we plan to use for the weekend.

In any case, welcome in advance! We're very glad to have you at CSS.


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