Seattle to Lost Prairie - Rideshare Needed 8/1

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My wage-slave employer approved some time away from the drudge-hole job :)

So I finally have my Lost Prairie dates:
Seattle to Lost Prairie - Wednesday 8/1/2007
Lost Prairie to Seattle - Sunday 8/5/2007

I can contribute gas money $$$, help drive (good driving record), and loan you some camping gear (tent). I just don't trust my car for the 12-hour drive. Once we get to the boogie, I can setup my own camp and otherwise take care of myself -- this post is just for the rideshare.

This will be my first Lost Prairie boogie and I'm excited to go :) So, if you have some space in your car/truck/van/camper/motorhome, please help me make it!

Thanks and Blue Skies,
-Scott Cates
Bothell, WA
(425) 442-2467
[email protected]

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