Where to Jump near Charlotte NC.

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I will be in Charlotte NC, from the 13 -16 July. I had planned to visit my buddy and his family only to discover I got my dates messed up and they are all going be out of town, too far a way for me to join them.

I am based in the UK but am a USPA member, so thought I would bring my rig and find somewhere to jump in NC on the 14th and 15th July. I will hae a car and am looking for a DZ that is within 3 hours rive, and will welcome a weary traveller with around 140+ jumps.

Also given the extra baggage my rig will create , is it easier to rent gear. My experiences of rental gear have vaied from "Hey that's rental!!! awesome" to " Someone call the police I think they stole this from the Museum of Flight"

Any suggestions (or invitations) most welcome.


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Skydive Carolina is 40 minutes away from Charlotte.
Nice otter DZ that is fun and busy. Rental gear is available. Check them out on www.skydivecarolina.com

Ditto. :)
Rodriguez Brother #1614, Muff Brother #4033
Jumped: Twin Otter, Cessna 182, CASA, Helicopter, Caravan

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