Where to Jump in San Diego?

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I will be attending a convention in San Diego 10th -13th July. So I thought I would come a day or two early or stay later and get some jumps in at a local DZ. I will probably not bring my rig, as it is a hassle travelling with it and looking after it if I only plan to jump for two days.

So I am sure all the DZ's have there own vibe, and good points., but for a Scottish fun jumper with only 140 jumps turning up on his own, which is the DZ with good gear rental, and friendly jumpers I could jump/get coaching with?

I bring a bottle of finest Malt whiskey as a gift!!!


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Your three main choices are Skydive San Diego in Otay (30min from downtown) Perris (1:15 from San Diego) and Elsinore (also about 1:15.) Otay is closer and much prettier than the other two. Perris has better gear rentals. All three have otters; Perris also has the jet (flies occasionally) and the skyvan.

Otay is more a freefly DZ; Perris is more of everything. If you want to do RW at Otay, call ahead to see if there will be any belly flyers there who want to fun jump. There are dedicated belly and freefly organizers at Perris.

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