Anywhere to jump in alaska?

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Does anyone know of a place to make a jump in Alaska. I jumped SD Alaska in the past, but undersatnd it is now closed. Is there any avenue to possibily make a jump; maybe an FBO, charter, or for hire operation? Should i just leave my rig at home?

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No we don't have a DZ yet up here! We're close, have a plane, and a landing area from what I understand, and it will be near the old operation. I'll be contacting my rigger this week, and get an update on the status of the possible DZ.

HOWEVER... there are TONS of pilots up here that don't seem to mind to take people up to let them jump out into fields and stuff. I don't know if you're just looking to make 1 jump or looking for a dropzone to make numerous jumps at. I'll keep you posted on what I hear back from my rigger (he seems to know what's going on). And of course there's always a chance that someone else up here may have some knowledge of something that I do not know yet.

CReW Skies,
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