5th Annual Zhills 4-way Scrambles - Sunday, 27 May

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What about starting the meet on Saturday so we have two days if the weather does'nt cooperate?

That Monday is memorial day, so we have Sunday and Monday so we have 2 days to try. I don't want to ask people to block out the entire weekend.

I forgot about it being memorial day. That should work out good.

I wonder if there is some kind of irony about not remembering Memorial Day.

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Do you have many pre-registered yet??

I have no idea, but I have gotten a lot of emails and tons of people have come up to speak to me at the DZ about it. Should be a pretty big turnout.

Time flies like an arrow....fruit flies like a banana

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It's getting nice & warm in the Tampa Bay area...high 80s all day, low 70s all night. There's plenty of camping space available or you can contact Pip & Judy Redvers about trailer rentals over the long weekend. pipandjudyATyahooDOTcom

The days are warm, the jumping is fun, the beers are cold and the stabbings are free! Come on by!

Registration at 8am, Sunday 27 May
$25 plus 4 jumps tickets - includes video on every jump

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Kurt's bringing the FSL meet to Skydive City tomorrow, so that's the perfect opportunity to warm up for Scrambles!

Registration at 9am, 6 rounds. It's pretty cool - the Florida League will be competing against the Northern Plains, Carolina, Mid-Atlantic, Mid-East (not that mid-east, this is Ohio), Denmark and Finland leagues. Kurt Knight will be judging. My yet-to-be-named team will be flying with Thiago substituting for Christine at IC. Hopefully, Thiago won't mind twiddling his thumbs while waiting for the rest of us to build the next point!

See you out there.


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Oren's been busy soliciting (read: shaking down) some favorite vendors and has a whole bunch of prizes and giveaways courtesy of:

- Larsen & Brusgaard
- Sunrise Manufacturing
- Performance Designs
- Michigan Suits
- Sun Path Products
- Skydive City
- Sunshine Factory
- Nylon City

Charlie Hammond has bottled up his special "Scrambles Brew" for the occasion and believe me, his beer alone is reason to drop whatever you're doing and come on out to the dz!

See you Sunday morning!

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I think that it was a true "scrambles" event. Most of the teams had a ringer and a beginner.

The best thing was that there was plenty of people who could provide a little extra information and training. (Some were even team captains for the other teams.)

The amazing thing was that the scores for teams 4 through 9 were only a point away from each other.

The high point was when all the teams went to the bar to watch the master-tape. Each team had a moment(s) when they felt that their team did the worst. It was funny to hear all the groans and laughs during the tape.

I think that almost everyone came away with some new information and a lot of laughs.

One of the best events that has been done lately.

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We had a great turn out for the Scrambles Meet on Sunday. 11 teams were put together and all 4 rounds were jumped in 12 back-to-back loads.

This year's King Of Scrambles is Jim "Bu" Klinge. Bu led his fearless team - Marc Pearl, AnneMarie Hammond & Ryan Sutterfield - to victory, despite all efforts to bribe the judge and pay off the video guy to take them out. Congratulations on taking first place again, Bu! We'll push you into the pond later when you least expect it...

Many thanks go out to TK & the staff at Skydive City. We're very lucky to have had the support and dedication of the following people:

Pilot: Marko Jakkola
Manifestors: Debbie Dellibac & Nicole Pratt
Video: Pip Redvers, Igor Mazia, Tommy Dellibac, Scotty Burns, Ron Clark, Katie Blue & Jody Conn
Coach: Sally Hathaway

This year's prizes were (for each team member):

1st place: 40% off a Wings harness/container from Sunrise Manufacturing, 20% off a Michigan Suit and 1 free jump from Skydive City.

2nd place: $50 gift certificate from Sunshine Factory and 10% off a Michigan Suit.

3rd place: T-shirt from Performance Designs & 1 free jump from Skydive City.

4th place: T-shirt from Sun Path Products.

Last Place: 50% off a Michigan Suit and 1 free pack job from Nylon City.

A random drawing was held and Christine Freiherr won a Larsen & Brusgaard Optima, David Andreas won a Larsen & Brusgaard Viso and Ryan Sutterfield won 30% off a Javelin harness/container from Sun Path Products.

Sun Path also generously provided boxes full of beer koozies, bottle openers and other goodies for all the Scrambles participants.

Janine Columbo managed to participate in the Meet AND put on a great dinner afterwards. Thanks, Janine!

The guy who pulls it all together is Oren Kalb. This event is his baby and he pours a lot of effort into it. It takes some major gyrations to get a dedicated plane & pilot, a slew of prizes and everyone registered, on a team, jumped & judged within 8 hours and still be in a good mood. Thanks, Big O!


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The amazing thing was that the scores for teams 4 through 9 were only a point away from each other.

Actually, the scores were very tight from 2nd through 8th place!

1st: 37.5 (I'm still trying to figure out what that .5 is all about)
2nd: 30
3rd: 29
4th: 27
5th: 26
6th: 24
7th: 23
8th: 20
9th: 16
10th: 13
11th: 9

We had participants with 70 to 3000+ jumps. One member of the 1st place team, Ryan, has about 100 jumps with only 5 RW since AFF. He made some of the nicest center point 360s of the day. It's a great mixer and one of my favorite days of the year on the dz.

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