My Apologies

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To Whom It May Concern,

I plan to talk to a few of you in person, but in case I miss anyone, I'm posting here.

I made a post about a jump that I realized later that I shouldn't have been advertising. Nor did I understand the full amount of dangers going into it. I am genuinely sorry, and I realize that I wasn't thinking everything through. I should have asked before I posted on here or invited people to come. I called everything off that day due to crosswinds, weather, the difficulty of the jump, and not enough experienced people.

I do not plan on helping find people to do it in the future as I do not have enough experience to say who can go and who can't.

My sincerest apologies,


PMS #449 TPM #80 Muff Brother #3860
SCR #14705 Dirty Sanchez #233

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So you're sticking to balloon organizing now? :)
You screwed up, you admitted it.

That's what it takes to become a great organizer. :)
Stupidity if left untreated is self-correcting
If ya can't be good, look good, if that fails, make 'em laugh.

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