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TSR 150 Way Sequential Invitational
April 18th-22nd, 2007
Skydive Spaceland
Rosharon, Texas

Thank you for your interest in the TSR 150 Way Sequential Invitational. The planning for this event is ongoing and we hope to make it a “First Class”, “Don’t Miss” record breaking skydiving weekend.

We are bringing together some of the most successful big way organizers, a top notch fleet of turbine aircraft, and experienced formation pilots to one of the most modern, large DZ’s in the USA.

We have been in the process of recruiting the most experienced big way skydivers and staff to this event since early in 2006. Our search for the best and most qualified participants will continue until the event starts. We still want YOU to register for this event if you feel that you have the skills, have the ability to be a team player, and the desire to always do your personal best on each and every jump.

To be considered for a slot you must register at http://bigways.com or http://www.texasstaterecord.com .

Dates - April 18th-22nd, 2007

Schedule - All participants must be able to commit for the entire event.

Wednesday, April 18th – Arrival Day. Registration and gear check will be open all day.

Wednesday, April 18th at 8PM - The entire team will meet at the DZ for briefings and dirt dives.

Thursday, April 19th through Saturday, April 20th, 8 AM to Sunset - 5 jumps per day.

Sunday, April 22nd . 8AM - 3PM- 3 Jumps.

Where - Skydive Spaceland. Go to http://www.skydivespaceland.com for all DZ related information. Including hotel, maps, and travel information including aviation directions and instructions. If you plan to fly to the DZ you must call the DZ in advance of your arrival.

The Plan - 18 Skydives from 18K. All the dives will be designed and engineered to build a fast and solid first point so that we will have the time available to sequence to multiple points at pre determined altitudes. On board oxygen will be provided for all jumps. Sequenced break-offs and tracking will be planned and practiced during the dirt dives as an integral part of this plan. Designated jumper landing areas will be assigned by aircraft. Jumper safety and formation success are our primary goals.

The Aircraft - The flight line will consist of four Super Otters and two Casa’s. We will have one Super Otter and one Grand Caravan on site as back up air support.

The Captains – Plane Captains are Kate Cooper, Roger Ponce, Larry Henderson, Lou Tommaso, Harry Hopkins, Jim Jenkins, and Jack Berke. Tom Jenkins is the Event Captain, Scott Latnis will Captain the Alpha team, Brett Thomas will be the Video Captain, and Jim Alkek is the Registration Captain. Also, BJ Worth will be on hand as a participant and advisor.

The Cost - We are going to do our best to hold the cost of this event to $38-$40 per jump, but the cost may change if fuel prices significantly change prior to the release of the invitations. This per jump cost includes all registration fees, a DVD of the event, a team shirt and other “Goodies.” There will be a deposit required to hold your slot. This deposit will be due when you receive your personal invitation from the event selection committee. Jumpers who do not prepay a deposit will not be assigned a slot.

Invitations - This is an invitation only event and you must pre-register on the website noted above to be considered for a slot. The first round of invitations will be sent out on September, 1st. 2006. These invitations will include the final event cost and required deposit information.

We will continue to send out invitations throughout the year and will send
Event updates to all registered jumpers.

Qualification - You must hold a USPA D license or the foreign equivalent, be a current jumper, and be able to obtain the recommendation from one of the Captains.

If you have not previously jumped in a big way formation or do not know any of the Captains, it is recommended that you attend the PPP Big Way Camp to be held at Skydive Perris Valley, http://www.skydiveperris.com/calendar/bigway.html , in October 2006. Several of the Captains will be at the camp and will give you an honest assessment of your big way skills including a recommendation if you are qualified.

In addition if you are an experienced big way jumper, Kate just announced the Advanced Big Way Camp in Eloy in November 2006. For more information, please visit the PPP section of the Perris website. This is a great way to get ready for both the TSR 150 Way Sequential Invitational and the subsequent Perris 200 Way.

For information about the Camps, please contact Tony Domenico at tony@square1.com .

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Why didn't you make the links clicky?

And what is "“Goodies.”"?

For registration go to:
http://bigways.com or

For DZ information go to:

For Big Way Camps & Top Gun Event see:

or contact:

Tony Domenico at tony@square1.com

Blue skies,


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The first invitations for this event will be sent out in two weeks.(Sept 1st.) Anyone that wants to be considered for a slot on this first list must register at http://www.bigways.com or http://texasstaerecord.com.
Registration will remain open until the event. But early registration will help us to evaluate your application and get an invitation to you sooner.
Tom Jenkins

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